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TV is one of my favorite pastimes, maybe due to the fact I worked as a Sound Editor for 25 years in two major and one independent studio.

Some of my favorite current shows are listed below.


For the five seasons that this show has been on the air, it has consistently produced riveting, meaningful drama. The ensemble cast (changed from season to season, unfortunately, due to uncertainty on the part of network executives) is excellent and among them is a perfect gem, the very best actor currently appearing in any TV series Andre Braugher. My favorite TV show. NBC, Friday night at 10:00


Another ensemble cast that has kept us glued to the tube every Thursday night at 10:00 on NBC. The absolutely remarkable way this drama keeps up the frantic pace of action and offers what experts say is an accurate picture of a major city Emergency Room, has paid off handsomly for the Network. This next year their contract expires. New Yorkers claim to have seen NBC executives wandering around window ledges in anticipation of a bidding war.


In 1988 James L.Brooks was producing the Tracey Ulman Show on the new Fox Network. He thought it might be fun to have a little cartoon fill the spots between Tracey’s usual three comedy presentations. A fan of what Matt Groening was then drawing (Life in Hell) he contacted the man.

As they say, the rest is history. The Simpsons has been a Sunday night staple on the Fox Network for nine years now, and Tracey Ulman has jokingly suggested that perhaps they would allow her to do fillers on their show.


Yet another cartoon show? You bet. Mike Judge created the smash hit “Beavis and Butthead” for MTV and now he is breaking new ground with the Hill family of pleasant little Arlen, Texas. If you haven’t discovered them yet, do so! Sunday nights at 8:30 on Fox, right after the Simpsons.


Next to Homicide, the best drama on TV today. The show is exciting, moving, and addicting.


Not enough people watch this one. It transcends most straight cop shows since it carries the case through the trial instead of ending with the arrest.



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